Owens Valley Spring Framed Monotype Print By Nora Akino

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Monotype, 2019 Etching ink on Rives BFK paper
My monotypes are usually created in a single pass through the press. All of the colors are applied to the plate together before the image is transferred to paper. I use viscosity technique, in which inks of varying viscosities (thick and thin) are applied in layers onto the plate and interact in myriad ways. The textures and juxtapositions that result from this commingling of substances are rich and organic, like those found in nature, resulting in images rich in atmosphere and depth.
The Owens Valley in the eastern Sierra Nevada is an immense, sweeping landscape juxtaposed with the most delicate colors and textures depending on the light - massive and at the same time ephemeral.
15"x25" framed size.